Many games had sunk into obscurity.
But Pokemon stood the test of time. With support from fans around the world, it evolved beyond an 8-bit game into the most successful media franchise.

We would like to thank the fans with a dedicated set of Twitter emojis, the 8-bit Pokemons. When fans tweet #pokemon, it will generate a Pokeball emoji. They can also generate their favorite Pokemon emoji by adding it’s unique PokeDex number.

Our PR strategy leverage social media influencers and street artists. Street artists will paint Pokemons in various hidden locations encouraging the pixel art community to locate them outside of the digital space. On National Video Games Day, social media influencers will challenge each other to tweet their favorite Pokemon. It will create buzz among the Pokemon fans and retro-gaming communities.

Because Love ‘Em, or Hate ‘Em, You Gotta tweet ‘Em All.

Disclaimer: This piece was created solely for the purpose of the D&AD New Blood Awards 2020 Competition and was not commissioned by the client.