USB Type-C™ is a new technology that provides faster transfer speed. Many brands are taking adopting this technology on their smartphones, tablets, and computers. SanDisk is advertising it’s SanDisk Ultra® USB Type-C™ Flash Drive to capture the market in the early phase of the technology.

Target Audience

People aged 18-25 who treasures the data on their hardware. They are the early adopters for new technology. They like to take selfies and document their daily life to share with friends, family or social media.

Due to social media trends, they are creating more and more content on different platforms to share. Their data have become part of their life and it’s what defines them. They are always looking for solutions to manage and keep their files safe.

Big Idea

The flash drive gives you the convenience to work across multiple hardware. It’s a better solution than tangling cables and unstable network. In this new world, it’s common for people to have at least 2 hardware. They are transferring files across different platforms for production and data back-up purposes.


Tight Comps