Silver – Poster
Greater SF Ad Club – 2021 SF ADDYs
Bronze – Magazine Advertising Campaign
Greater SF Ad Club – 2021 SF ADDYs


Most people have installed locks and alarms. They are not convinced that light can secure their home.


To convince homeowners that light is a form of home security worth investing in.


To show how the audience can prevent crimes with security light.




Walking in the dark alone is a scary moment. You often imagine the worst while looking for a safe route. We will install a wizard statue to a lamp post on a dark street illuminating the headline. It indicates that the illuminated area is a safe zone.


Helicopter police chases are used to track and pursue criminals. Our audience will relate the experience with a dangerous crime going on.
The spotlight is customized to display the message of bad people are afraid of light by asking the question “Who’s running from the light?”

Interactive Signage

An interactive signage will be installed with a motion detector and strategically place in locations with pedestrian traffic. Every time someone walks near the signage, it will trigger the motion sensor to change the display. It tells the audience that the thief is afraid of the light and will keep them safe from them.

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